An Update on the iCloud Nightmare, Part 1

Previously, I posted a little footnote on a link post about how a few of iCloud’s services were super-stable and a couple others weren’t.

Yeah, well screw all of that. Every single iCloud feature has failed me at least once.

Photo Stream no longer works at all for me because my Mac consistently forgets it has Photo Stream enabled, rendering the feature useless.

Calendar syncing seems to have gotten better, but it will occasionally do this scare tactic thing where all of a sudden ALL OF YOUR CALENDAR EVENTS DISAPPEAR and magically reappear if you quit and relaunch? Which I guess is fine, but it wouldn’t be fine if that empty calendar magically propagated to all the other devices, and seeing a blank calendar every 8th time I launch iCal is going to give me a fucking heart attack if it doesn’t stop.

Contact syncing is still consistently one revision behind to me. Bookmark syncing is unpredictable as ever.

Then there’s “Documents in the Cloud”. But I’ll get into that tomorrow.

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